Hurricane Matthew Update

As of Thursday, October 13th, workers have cleared trees blocking driveway access, and are in the process of inspecting and removing other tree damage.

Much like the rest of Hilton Head Island - only 5 days after a major hurricane event, we remain in a state of recovery, and ask that if you don't have an absolute need to be on the Island, or in Fiddler's Cove, that you stay away until it's safe.

The complex came through the storm very well - but all inspections are not complete, and Island services and utilities are still being worked on.

Normal operations will be resuming in the next days and weeks.  The Board of Directors wishes to our Management company, our employees, Security Personnel, and all of the Hilton Head Community who have done so much work in a short time to get us back up, and continue to help in the recovery operation.

See you soon!